Force 10 Shrimp Pot

This shrimp pot is for the purpose of catching shrimp and other small crustations (other small type fish). The purpose of this design is to have the smallest available shrimp pot to yield a catch which is comparable with larger existing shrimp pots that are on the market. The shrimp pot can be fished in sea and fresh water environments on all types of sea and river bed conditions. One of the main features of our shrimp pot is to be able to fish shrimp or other type of shell fish by pot-trap method in all kinds of weather to achieve minimal losts of pot-traps. The shrimp pot is constructed of six main components. Four identical components form the cylindrical body of the pot. These components are fixed together using nuts and bolts. The two identical end cones are attached to the main body of the pot with a hinge pin and locking mechanism. All components are made of injection moulded plastic products. The pot measured 450mm in length and 276mm diameter approx.

Advantages of Force 10 Shrimp Pot
· Designed by fishermen for fishermen
· Smaller and lighter than existing pots
· Can be fished in storm and large swell conditions.
· Similar yield to existing larger pots.
· Hinged lids with Catch
· Easier to anchor
· Less Current drag
· Larger number of pots carried on board
· Parts can by easily interchanged
· Robust and durable
· Stainless Steel Fastenings.
· Competitive Price 
Shrimp Pot